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Bilitza, Dieter; Xiong, C.
In situ measurements by the Low Earth Orbital (LEO) satellites, such as CHAMP, GRACE, and C/NOFS satellites have shown that the International Referen...
Blanchet, Cécile L.; Osborne, Anne H.; Tjallingii, Rik; Ehrmann, Werner ...
North African greening phases, during which large rivers ran through the Sahara Desert, occurred repeatedly during the Quaternary and are regarded a...
LaRowe, Douglas E.; Arndt, Sandra; Bradley, James; Burwicz, Ewa ...
Microbial degradation of organic carbon in marine sediments is a key driver of global element cycles on multiple time scales. However, it is not know...
Wollin, Christopher; Lueth, S.; Lipus, Martin Peter; Cunow, Christian ...