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Anderson, Leif S.; Armstrong, William H.; Anderson, Robert S.; Scherler, Dirk ...
The cause of debris-covered glacier thinning remains controversial. One hypothesis asserts that melt hotspots (ice cliffs, ponds, or thin debris) inc...
Spohn, Marie; Aburto, Felipe; Ehlers, Todd A.; Farwig, Nina ...
This study presents a conceptual framework of buffering through storage and recycling of elements in terrestrial ecosystems and reviews the current k...
Chauveau, Denovan; Authemayou, Christine; Pedoja, Kevin; Molliex, Stéphane ...
The emerged coral reef terrace sequence at Cape Laundi, on the north coast of Sumba Island (Indonesia), with at least 18 successive strandlines, rema...
Malatesta, Luca C.; Finnegan , Noah J.; Huppert, Kimberly; Carreño , Emily I.
Marine terraces are a cornerstone for the study of paleo sea level and crustal deformation. Commonly, individual erosive marine terraces are attribut...