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Tebaldini, Stefano; d'Alessandro, Mauro Mariotti; Ulander, Lars M. H.; Bennet, Patrik ...
The TomoSense experiment was funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) to support research on remote sensing of forested areas by means of Synthetic ...
Zweifel, Roman; Pappas, Christoforos; Peters, Richard L.; Babst, Flurin ...
Forests account for nearly 90 % of the world's terrestrial biomass in the form of carbon and they support 80 % of the global biodiversity. To underst...
Farhadian, Abdolreza; Zhao, Yang; Naeiji, Parisa; Rahimi, Alireza ...
Compatibility problems are observed during the co-injection of corrosion and gas hydrate inhibitors inside oil and gas pipelines, which reduces their...
Anikiev, D.; Birnie, Claire; Waheed, Umair bin; Alkhalifah, Tariq ...
The confluence of our ability to handle big data, significant increases in instrumentation density and quality, and rapid advances in machine learnin...