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Münchmeyer, J.; Leser, Ulf; Tilmann, Frederik; Beroza, Gregory
Erdbeben gehören zu den zerstörerischsten Naturgefahren auf diesem Planeten. Obwohl Erdbeben seit Jahrtausenden dokumentiert sing, bleiben viele Frag...
Styp-Rekowski, Kevin; Michaelis, Ingo; Stolle, Claudia; Baerenzung, Julien ...
The Gravity field and steady-state ocean circulation explorer (GOCE) satellite mission carries three platform magnetometers. After careful calibratio...
Soares, Gabriel B.; Yamazaki, Yosuke; Morschhauser, Achim; Matzka, J. ...
This dataset comprises the PCEEJ equatorial electrojet model current intensity values (mA/m). The PCEEJ is an empirical model based on the principal ...
Michaelis, Ingo; Korte, M.
The GOCE satellite carries three magnetometers as part of its drag-free attitude orbit control system (DFACS). The magnetometers do not belong to the...