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Yuan, Guanghui; Jin, Zihao; Cao, Yingchang; Schulz, H.-M. ...
Organic-inorganic interactions regulate the dynamics of hydrocarbons, water, minerals, CO2, and H2 in thermal rocks, yet their initiation remains deb...
Ehsaninezhad, Leila; Wollin, Christopher; Rodriguez Tribaldos, Veronica; Schwarz, B. ...
Ambient noise tomography on the basis of distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) deployed on existing telecommunication networks provides an opportunity t...
Pan, Mohan; Yang, Ting; Le, Ba Manh; Dai, Yuhang ...
Magmatism on continental lithospheres induced by mantle plumes is more complex compared to oceanic intraplate volcanism owing to the heterogeneous na...
Ke, Kuan-Yu; Tilmann, Frederik; Ryberg, T.; Dreiling, Jennifer
In geophysical inference problems, quantification of data uncertainties is required to balance the data‐fitting ability of the model and its complexi...