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Münchmeyer, J.; Woollam, Jack; Rietbrock, Andreas; Tilmann, Frederik ...
Seismic event detection and phase picking are the base of many seismological workflows. In recent years, several publications demonstrated that deep ...
Picozzi, Matteo; Cotton, Fabrice; Bindi, Dino; Emolo, Antonio ...
Fault zones are major sources of hazard for many populated regions around the world. Earthquakes still occur unanticipated, and research has started...
Ji, Yinlin; Hofmann, Hannes; Duan, Kang; Zang, A.
Induced seismicity associated with fluid injection into underground formations jeopardizes the sustainable utilization of the subsurface. Understandi...
Schanner, Maximilian Arthus; Korte, M.; Holschneider, M.
We propose a global geomagnetic field model for the last fourteen thousand years, based on thermoremanent records. We call the model ArchKalmag14k. A...