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Thran, Mandi C.; Brune, Sascha; Webster, Jody M.; Dominey-Howes, Dale ...
Coral reefs may provide a beneficial first line of defence against tsunami hazards, though this is currently debated. Using a fully nonlinear, Boussi...
He, Miao; Li, Qi; Li, Xiaying; Xu, Liang ...
Water reinjection into the formation is an indispensable operation in many energy engineering practices. This operation involves a complex hydromech...
Elbers, Mirko; Schmidt, C.; Sternemann, Christian; Sahle, Christoph J. ...
Knowledge of the microscopic structure of fluids and changes thereof with pressure and temperature is important for the understanding of chemistry an...
Bilitza, Dieter; Xiong, C.
In situ measurements by the Low Earth Orbital (LEO) satellites, such as CHAMP, GRACE, and C/NOFS satellites have shown that the International Referen...