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Grieger, Jens; Kunz, Torben; Buschow, Sebastian; Daniell, James ...
Ab Weihnachten 2023 kam es zu einer Hochwassersituation vor allem im Bereich der Flüsse Ems, Weser und Elbe, welche bis in den Januar 2024 hinein zu ...
Zhao, Xiong; Wen, Y.; Xu, C.; He, K. ...
Previous studies have shown that it is difficult to determine whether the 2015 Pishan earthquake occurred on a uniform fault or a ramp-flat fault wit...
Guo, Zelong; Baes, Marzieh; Motagh, M.
As the largest instrumentally recorded earthquake in the fold‐and‐thrust belt of the northwestern Zagros mountain so far, the fault structure of the ...