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Schwerpunktinitiative „Digitale Information“ Allianz der deutschen Wissenschaftsorganisationen; Deinzer, Gernot; Geschuhn, Kai; Mittermaier, Bernhard ...
Resende Chagas, Laysa Cristina; Zhu, Yajun; Arras, Christina; Denardini, Clezio M. ...
The development of sporadic-E (Es) layers over five Digisonde stations in the American sector is analyzed. This work aims to investigate the dynamic ...
Neumann, Florian; Negrete-Aranda, Raquel; Harris, Robert N.; Contreras, Juan ...
A primary control on the geodynamics of rifting is the thermal regime. To better understand the geodynamics of rifting in the northern Gulf of Califo...
Walter, Thomas; Zorn, Edgar; Harnett, Claire E.; Shevchenko, A.V. ...
Most volcanic eruptions occur through magma pathways that resemble tube-like conduits fed from magma sources at depth. Here we combine remote sensing...