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Rodrigo-Gámiz, Marta; García-Alix, Antonio; Jiménez-Moreno, Gonzalo; Ramos-Román, María J. ...
Quantitative continental climate reconstructions covering the last glacial cycle from the Iberian Peninsula are scarce. In order to fill this gap, we...
Aulsebrook, Anne E.; Jechow, Andreas; Krop-Benesch, Annette; Kyba, C. ...
In nature, light is a key driver of animal behaviour and physiology. When studying captive or laboratory animals, researchers usually expose animals ...
Scicchitano, Maria Rosa
Serpentinization plays an important role in fluid and mass transfer between the ocean, the crust, and the mantle, in biogeochemical processes, and CO...
Gou, Yaqing; Balling, Johannes; De Sy, Veronique; Herold, Martin ...
Analysis of forest disturbance patterns in relation to precipitation seasonality is important for understanding African tropical forest dynamics unde...