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Janik, Tomasz; Starostenko, Vitaly; Aleksandrowski, Paweł; Yegorova, Tamara ...
The TTZ-South seismic profile follows the Teisseyre-Tornquist zone (TTZ) at the SW margin of the East European craton (EEC). Investigation results re...
Balling, J.; Verbesselt, J.; De Sy, V.; Herold, Martin ...
Tropical forest disturbances linked to fire usage cause large amounts of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and environmental damages. Supporting precise...
Carter, S.; Herold, Martin; Jonckheere, I. G. C.; Espejo, A. B. ...
Four workshops and a webinar series were organized, with the aim of building capacity in countries to use Earth Observation Remote Sensing data to mo...
Xu, P.; Tsendbazar, N.-E.; Herold, Martin; Clevers, J. G. P. W.
The monitoring of Global Aquatic Land Cover (GALC) plays an essential role in protecting and restoring water-related ecosystems. Although many GALC d...