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Bregnard, Danaé; Leins, Alessio; Vieth-Hillebrand, A.; Regenspurg, Simona ...
This deliverable contains the raw data that constitutes the database of microbial diversity and organic compounds in geothermal fluids used for elect...
Boeije, Chris; Verweij, Cas; Tripathi, Anushka; Weinzierl, Wolfgang ...
This report describes the activities performed within Task 1.2 “Report on gas solubility and degassing kinetic (type C)” until the end of month 40 of...
Baba, Alper; Tonkul, Serhat
This Deliverable reports results for the Tuzla Geothermal Field (TGF), which is located in the western part of Turkey. In this field, there are a tot...
Boeije, Chris; Zitha, Pacelli; Pluymakers, Anne
This report describes the activities performed within Task 1.3 “Summary of gas solubility and degassing kinetics (type A)” until the end of month 39 ...