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Conference Paper

Seismic Attenuation In The Delaware Basin


Drwila,  M.
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Eisner,  L.
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Jechumtálová,  Z.
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Anikiev,  D.
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Drwila, M., Eisner, L., Jechumtálová, Z., Anikiev, D. (2018): Seismic Attenuation In The Delaware Basin - Conference Proceedings, Seventh EAGE Workshop on Passive Seismic (Krakow, Poland 2018).

Cite as: https://gfzpublic.gfz-potsdam.de/pubman/item/item_5012723
Induced seismicity in Delaware Basin (West Texas and New Mexico, USA) has recently gained attention of the geoscience community. The knowledge about seismic attenuation in this sedimentary basin is poor. The peak frequency method was applied to the selected seismic events with high signal-to-noise ratio from the Delaware Basin to estimate effective quality factors of the basin sediments. The observed attenuation can be characterized by Q factors of approximately 90 and 100 (with uncertainty of 30) for P-wave and S-waves, respectively. The ratio between Qp and Qs is common for saturated sedimentary basins as they are less attenuating the S-waves.