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Reiter, Karsten; Heidbach, O.; Ziegler, M.
The impact of faults on the contemporary stress field in the upper crust has been discussed in various studies. Data and models clearly show that t...
Zuhr, Alexandra M.; Loebel, Erik; Muchow, Marek; Dennis, Donovan ...
Polar research is an interdisciplinary and multi-faceted field of research ranging from history to geology and geophysics to social sciences and educ...
Cai, D.; Henehan, Michael; Uhlig, D.; von Blanckenburg, F.
Wang, Chenyu; von Blanckenburg, F.; Lian, Ergang; Yang, Shouye ...
Estuarine processes are key in modulating the riverine input of particle-reactive trace elements to the ocean. An important, but still under-utilized...