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Trichandi, Rahmantara; Bauer, Klaus; Ryberg, T.; Wawerzinek, Britta ...
Subsurface imaging of the regolith layer is an important tool for weathering zone characterization. For example, the extent of bedrock modification b...
SHPRITS, YURI; Castillo Tibocha, Angelica Maria; Aseev, N.; Cervantes Villa, Juan Sebastian ...
Wagner, Andreas; Fersch, Benjamin; Yuan, Peng; Rummler, Thomas ...
The assimilation of observations in limited area models (LAMs) allows to find the best possible estimate of a region’s meteorological state. Water va...
Steinberger, B.; Steinberger, Alisha Brigitta
Hotspots are regions of intraplate volcanism or especially strong volcanism along plate boundaries, and many of them are likely caused by underlying...