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Fenton, Cassandra; Binnie, Steven A.; Dunai, Tibor; Niedermann, Samuel
The formally named SP lava flow is a quartz-, olivine- and pyroxene-bearing basalt flow that is preserved in the desert climate of northern Arizona,...
Yen, Ming-Hsuan; von Specht, Sebastian; Lin, Yen-Yu; Cotton, Fabrice ...
Ground motion with strong‐velocity pulses can cause significant damage to buildings and structures at certain periods; hence, knowing the period and ...
Beer, Alexander R.; Turowski, J.
Fluvial bedrock erosion formulas lack validation over space and time. We explore the performance of field-calibrated models at the patch-scale (urn:x...
Kluge, Christian
The Earth’s subsurface exhibits a high potential for generating and storing energy. Engineered fractured systems, for example geothermal or carbon st...