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Xu, M.; Savolainen, Tuomas; Zubko, Nataliya; Poutanen, Markku ...
The next‐generation, broadband geodetic very long baseline interferometry system, named VGOS, is being developed globally with an aim to achieve 1 mm...
Neuharth, Derek; Brune, Sascha; Glerum, A.; Heine, Christian ...
Continental microplates are enigmatic plate boundary features, which can occur in extensional and compressional regimes. Here we focus on microplate ...
Sandifort, Daniel; Brune, Sascha; Glerum, A.; Naliboff, John ...
Sea‐floor spreading at slow rates can be accommodated on large‐offset oceanic detachment faults (ODFs), that exhume lower crustal and mantle rocks in...
Yuniarti, Ivana; Glenk, Klaus; McVittie, Alistair; Nomosatryo, Sulung ...
A Bayesian Belief Network, validated using past observational data, is applied to conceptualize the ecological response of Lake Maninjau, a tropical...