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Yang, Sizhong; Wen, Xi; Wu, Tonghua; Wu, Xiaodong ...
Global climate warming is accelerating permafrost degradation. The large amounts of soil organic matter in permafrost-affected soils are prone to in...
Usifoh, Saturday; Le, Nhung; Männe, Benjamin; Sakic, Pierre ...
The movement of the Earth's surface mass, including the atmosphere and oceans, as well as hydrology and glacier melting, causes the redistribution of...
Mühleisen, Hannes; Goncalves, Romulo
Many database systems share a need for large amounts of fast storage. However, economies of scale limit the utility of extending a single machine wit...
Martinez-Rubi, Oscar; van Oosterom, Peter; Goncalves, Romulo; Tijssen, Theo ...
The popularity, availability and sizes of point cloud data sets are increasing, thus raising interesting data management and processing challenges. V...