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Jozi Najafabadi, Azam; Haberland, C.; Ryberg, T.; Verwater, Vincent F. ...
In this study, we analyzed a large seismological dataset from temporary and permanent networks in the southern and eastern Alps to establish high-pre...
Nakagawa, Takeshi; Tarasov, Pavel; Staff, Richard; Ramsey, Christopher Bronk ...
Leads, lags, or synchronies in climatic events among different regions are key to understanding mechanisms of climate change, as they provide insight...
Deininger, Michael; Hansen, Maximilian; Fohlmeister, Jens; Schröder-Ritzrau, Andrea ...
The equilibrium oxygen isotope fractionation factor between calcite and water (18αcalcite/H2O) is an important quantity in stable isotope geochemistr...
Illien, Luc; Andermann, C.; Sens-Schönfelder, C.; Cook, K. ...
Through the release of groundwater, most mountain rivers run year-round despite their small catchments and sporadic precipitation. This makes mountai...