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Antoniazza, Gilles; Dietze, Michael; Mancini, Davide; Turowski, J. ...
The way Alpine rivers mobilize, convey and store coarse material during high-magnitude events is poorly understood, notably because it is difficult t...
González-Vidal, D.; Sens-Schönfelder, C.; Palma, J. L.; Franco, L. ...
Volcano seismology is an essential tool for monitoring volcanic processes in the advent and during eruptions. A variety of seismic signals can be rec...
Pandey, Shantanu; Yuan, X.; Debayle, Eric; Geissler, Wolfram H. ...
A stationary mantle plume heats the overlying lithosphere from below, generating melts and causing lithospheric erosion. When the lithosphere moves a...
Ayoub, K.; Rümpker, G.; Sens-Schönfelder, C.; Komeazi, A. ...
This study presents the findings of a splitting analysis conducted on core-refracted teleseismic shear waves (SKS, SKKS and PKS, called together as X...