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Albrecht, J.; Teichert, D.
During the 3D seismic reflection survey within the project Integrated Seisrnics Oberpfalz 1989 (ISO89) the vibroseis source signals were recorded s...
Jaen, Juliana; Renkwitz, Toralf; Chau, Jorge L.; He, Maosheng ...
Specular meteor radars (SMRs) and partial reflection radars (PRRs) have been observing mesospheric winds for more than a solar cycle over Germany (∼ ...
Rehling, J.G.; Stiller, Manfred
Hannemann, K.; Eulenfeld, T.; Krüger, F.; Dahm, T.
The scattering and absorption of high-frequency seismic waves in the oceanic lithosphere is to date only poorly constrained by observations. Such est...