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Rout, D; Patra, S.; Kumar, S.; Chakrabarty, D. ...
The total energy transfer from the solar wind to the magnetosphere is governed by the reconnection rate at the magnetosphere edges as the Z-component...
Pagani, Marco; Garcia-Pelaez, Julio; Gee, Robin; Johnson, Kendra ...
In December 2018, at the conclusion of its second implementation phase, the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation released its first version of a...
von Specht, S.; Cotton, Fabrice
The steady increase of ground-motion data not only allows new possibilities but also comes with new challenges in the development of ground-motion mo...
Zhu, Chuanbin; Pilz, M.; Cotton, Fabrice
Ground response analyses (GRA) model the vertical propagations of SH waves through flat-layered media (1DSH) and are widely carried out to evaluate l...